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The Point of VU Band:

Our Story

The Point of VU Band's name plays off of the classic VU Meter image and function.  The Volume Unit (VU) Meter has a long history in both live and recorded music.  Our band members all had reel to reel tape recorders when we first started recording music and the attention that was paid to this simple meter was incredible.  Not getting enough volume would give a thin sound while pinning the needle would over saturate the tape.  You had to keep the needle in the red, just enough to get the right sound.

Fast forward that reel to reel tape deck some forty years later and many of the audio engineer's tools have changed, but the VU Meter is still here in one form or another and with it, we make sure you get the best possible sound.  This is our Point of VU, "keeping the needle in the red".

Point of VU is a four piece band:

Mike Iodice


Mike is POV's keyboard player. With influences from The Beatles to the Dixie Dregs, Mike enjoys a wide range of musical styles and helps POV to develop an ever expanding song list.   His Tribute Band projects have included Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers and Steely Dan.  So, you will hear plenty of these tunes from the POV song list!  Mike teaches music in New Hampshire and is a graduate of the Berklee College of Music.

Paul Pesce

Bass Guitar & Vocals

Paul has been playing in bands since he was 19. He founded the legendary North Shore band “Horizon”. Paul has a degree in music from the prestigious University of Massachusetts and has studied under the Boston Symphony Orchestra’s foremost bassist, Frank Gallagher. His mission in the band is to lay down the groove and support the featured players. His favorite quote sums up his philosophy – “I’m just a singer in a rock & roll band, meeting so many people who are trying to be free.”

Vince Puglisi

Guitar & Vocals

Vince has been playing guitar since he first heard the Beatles at age 9 and his cousin gave him a plastic guitar for his birthday.   In his teens he followed the music of the guitar legends of the day - Clapton, Page, Hendrix, Allman and Santana.  Later, Vince continued his journey playing in funk, soul, jazz fusion and bebop groups.  His style has continued to evolve to this day where he lends an authentic approach to all of the styles of music he loves.  In addition to playing in Point of VU, Vince plays in a rockin’ blues band and a group playing classic Motown hits. 

Joe Randazzo


Joe is a versatile drummer and percussionist who plays all styles of music from classical to jazz to rock.  Joe is a graduate of the University of Massachusetts at Lowell with a degree in music education. In Point of VU, Joe drives the band with a solid rock feel and a high energy approach that delivers full enthusiasm on the dance floor.  This band is tight and not just the music but from the band members long intersecting histories.  Joe and Paul were High School buds that were both original members of the North Shore band "Horizon".  Joe joined John's all original rock band "Grand Larceny" back in the 80's and those shows and parties were classic.  Joe and Vince have been friends since practically birth and played in several bands together including "Gabriel", "The Difference" and "The Upfont Jazz Trio".  To sum things up ... great friends, great music!